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Multidisciplinary Environmental Studies in the Humanities (MESH)

MESH is a research hub addressing the social, cultural and ethical dimensions of global environmental change, together with its associated ecological, climate and health crises. Bringing the historical, philosophical, literary, linguistic and cultural anthropological expertise of the humanities into conversation with the natural and social sciences, MESH fosters research and knowledge exchange across three main areas of enquiry: decolonial cultural ecologies; multispecies conviviality; and disaster preparedness (for further information, see About).

With the new summer term 2024, MESH starts into the second overarching theme: Multispecies Conviviality

Film Screening | D.S. Yü & F. Krause & K. Rigby | Human Kinship with Nature in the Tibetan Plateau | May 14, 2024

MESHworks & DFG Network Workshop | Extractive Zones | organised by V. Herche & D. Kern | May 16/17, 2024

Seminar | K. Nsah & F. Krause | Approaching Wetlands in Culture-literature & Anthropology | June 4, 2024