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Margit Ims was a Junior Research Fellow at MESH during the summer semester 2023. She is a PhD student in Cultural Studies at the University of South Eastern Norway (USN) and a member of the Norwegian researcher school in environmental humanities (NORS-EH).

During her master’s degree in philosophy at the University of Oslo, she had special interest in critical theory and visited the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main for one semester as ERASMUS student. For more than ten years she has worked as a teacher and taught subjects such as language and literature (Norwegian and German), philosophy, history, and politics.

Margit started her PhD in 2021. Her doctoral project in literature and ecology has the working title Echo and alarm: Ecological aesthetics and resistance to environmental destruction in contemporary Norwegian literature. The project is closely related to the research field of multispecies conviviality along with the climate change literacy project at MESH. In her project, Margit studies contemporary Norwegian literature that presents and thematizes biodiversity and loss of nature. She works with both novels and poetry. The texts are all published in the last ten years and have also in common that they deal with extinction and make explicit use of endangered species which are listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.


IMS, MARGIT (2023): «Å være eller». Menneskeleg og ikkje-menneskeleg i «Å være eller ikke være albatross» av Inger Elisabeth Hansen [«To be or».Human and non-human in «To be or not be albatross» from Inger Elisabeth Hansen]. In: Hevrøy, S.; Nielsen, I.; Parelius, F. (eds.): Om det menneskelege og det ikkje-menneskelege: Ti tekstar om lyrikk. Bergen, Novus Forlag, 193-211.http://omp.novus.no/index.php/novus/catalog/view/25/42/1207

IMS, MARGIT (2023): Raudlista røyndom og sakpoesiens dobbeltfunksjon [Redlisted reality and the dual function of factual poetry]. In: Claudi, M.; Tønnesson, J. (eds.): Sakpoesi, Tidsskriftet Sakprosa, Vol. 15, nr. 1. https://journals.uio.no/sakprosa/article/view/9771/8508